Eyelash ends

4 Easy steps to great natural lashes:

If you are looking for a cost effective way to have great lashes here is a simple and small tip that will have dramatic results without looking like a ‘fa’afafine’. By placing lashes on the outer corners of your lash line, you can have natural but great looking lashes.






From any good department store, you can purchase a packet of lashes that are gathered in clumps of three or four individual lashes.








4 Easy steps:

Start by removing make up and oil from your eyelid and face (then you will avoid getting your glue wet when you wash your make up off. Squeeze a small amount of the glue onto a small piece of paper. (If the glue dries white like some types of latex glue, I mix the glue with black eye shadow to make sure that it dries black to blend with your lashes).







Using tweezers take one of the clumps at the tips of lashes and dip the root in the glue, make sure that there is enough glue for the clump to connect it to the outer corners of the lash line.






Repeat this again getting closer and closer to the centre of the lash line (you may even want to slightly trim the last clump to blend them to the length of your natural lashes).







Brush the lashes with a clean mascara brush/lash brush just at the tips, to make sure that all the lashes are facing the right way (do this daily to ensure that your lashes last longer).







How do you know what kind of glue to buy?

I recommend buying glue bottles with a screw top rather than a pull off lid. This way your glue does not end up drying up before you use it for the second time. I recommend using ‘Duo’ black glue that will dry dark or clear that is more natural looking.







By Whitney Pa’u-Tuitasi

Meet the new Miss Tokelau

The new Miss Tokelau 2012 Peki Teata has won her crown on home soil in Atafu, Tokelau.

She won against two other contestants and is now preparing to represent her island nation at the Miss South Pacific pageant in American Samoa next month on December 8.

This year’s Miss Tokelau pageant had new activities prepare the winner for the regional pageant.

“We introduced a pre-pageant interview which takes place before the event. We seek to have them prepare for when they get up on stage and also get more clarity to have the right response and speaking from their heart – ask them the question and they’ll come back with a knowledgeable response,” says Miss Tokelau Pageant Coordinator Lihe Suveinakama.

“It’s all about finding the best representative for the Miss South Pacific Pageant who will be able to promote Tokelau and is well acquainted with attitude to do so”

Former Miss Tokelau Hiniva Foua was there to crown Peki Teata as the new winner.

Movember for Ladies

We all know that as Island ladies, sprouting facial hair is not attractive.

But even though we are in the midst of November, the month where our boyfriends or partners are shaving less to participate in Movember, a University student from Otago has decided that we ladies can still participate in Movember without having to grown a real moustache!

20 year old Daniel Goodman, a second year student studying product design, came up with Goodmans Mustache Necklaces where women could purchase their fake mustache for only $2 where the proceeds go towards the Movember charity. Since the establishment of Goodmans Mustache Necklaces, it has been getting a lot of media attention one of them including popular womens magazine, Cleo.

Daniel briefly spoke with Islandher about his idea,

“It started off as a design store brief, but with November on the way I thought I could help out a cause such as men’s health, Movember!”

There are five shapes to choose from:  the handlebar, Fu Manchu, Dali, Walrus and Stalin, in which all are made out of laser-cut acrylic.

Movember is a campaign that started off in Australia and has now grown to have formal campaigns in more than 10 countries one of them including New Zealand. The campaign aims to raise awareness of men’s health such as prostate cancer and mental depression which are one of the common diseases that hit men the most.

The Ministry of Health in New Zealand have revealed that our Maori and Pacific Island men are at high risk of contracting prostate cancer and are also the most vulnerable to being affected by depression.

So if you want to check out Daniels store, simply check out “Goodmans Mustache Necklaces” on Facebook, and if you’re feeling a bit more brave and you want to display your “mustache”,  inbox Daniel to order your very own mustache. Only $2!

By Suzanne Suisuiki